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Before Shipping Wooden Crates Long-Distance, Use This Checklist

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

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Damaged, lost, returned to sender... a lot can go wrong when shipping large items over long distances. Fortunately you can minimize risk and ship smart using this quick pre-shipping guide.

Cargo: Double check dimensions and weight. Are your contents safe and secure? Does your package have all necessary labels and markings? And this may sound obvious, but it's important: double check destination and return addresses. Mistakes happen!

Time: Will your product reach its destination on time, factoring in any possible delays with customs and in transit? Do you need to consider pricier but faster air transport?

Packaging: What type of shipping container is best for you? Pallets, plywood crates, dry containers, open-top sea cans, refrigerated tanks...there are many ways to ship. Have you considered your options and decided what works for you? For plywood crates, consider Engineered Shipping Containers. These boxes are sturdy, rugged, and custom designed per order.

Insurance: Is your product valuable enough that it needs to be insured? In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. Look into your carrier's insurance policy: they'll often offer free insurance for the first $100. If this seems insufficient, consider buying insurance from a third party like Cabrella, where rates are more competitive.

Method: Have you decided which form of shipping is most practical for your needs?

There are pros and cons to air, sea, land, and rail shipping. For instance, air shipping is fast and efficient, but relatively expensive; while oversea is much cheaper, but fairly slow. Considering speed, cost, destination, and the size and weight of your product, one method will probably make more sense for you than the rest. Learn more with our shipping method guide.

Destination: Is everything in compliance with the rules and regulations of your destination state, province, or country? Are all fees and tariffs paid? Do you have all necessary licenses, certifications, permits, and any other documentation? UPS and both have good international shipping guides for reference.

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Compliance: Does your product have any special requirements? Is it fragile, hazardous, or flammable? Is it sensitive

to moisture, altitude, or temperature? Make sure that you are in line with your carrier's shipping policies as well as those of your shipping destination, and that your package is properly labelled.

If you need help planning out or designing your packaging material, go ahead and contact Engineered Shipping Containers. We'd love to help! We design our crates to fit each specific product that you ship, with nesting partitions inside to protect contents. These plywood crates are reusable, compliant with international shipping standards, and virtually indestructible. Call or email today and we'll get started on your custom box's design.

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