• Kevin Kennedy

7 Benefits of Plywood Shipping Crates

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Plywood crates hold many benefits over alternative options for container materials. When deciding what type of container best suits your needs, be sure to consider that plywood crates...

1) ...Are Long lasting and re-usable. This makes them a cost effective and eco-friendly option. Plywood crates don't crack and split with age like regular wooden crates do. They can be shipped repeatedly for years, even decades. When their lifespan is finally up, materials can then be re-purposed. This can go a great way towards reducing your company's carbon footprint.

2) ...Can be stacked. Stacked containers take up less floor space, making them ideal for storing materials. They can also be packed more efficiently during shipping.

3) ...Can be customized. They can be made to any size or shape quickly and cheaply. Customers simply provide the dimensions of the product they want shipped, and manufactures design a crate around it.

4) ...Are very stable and durable. Plywood boxes can hold a relatively large amount of weight. Unlike regular wood, plywood doesn't expand or contract due to weather conditions and humidity.

5) ...Can help to absorb moisture, keeping contents dry and safe.

6) ...Are secure. With locking hasps and through-bolted hinges, plywood boxes are more difficult to break into than most other box types.

7) ...Are weather-resistant. Plywood shipping crates aren't as susceptible to rust, rot, and corrosion as crates made from other materials tend to be, especially when treated with water-resistant elastomer coating.

If plywood crates are suitable for your shipping needs, Engineered Shipping Containers is probably right for you. We've supplied crates throughout North America for over 25 years. Call or email today to speak with a representative.

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