Why Engineered Shipping Containers are the strongest on the market

Shipping crate with contents securely nested within.
Custom Engineered
  • Crates are designed around your product.

  • Contents sit on precisely fitted nesting pieces which prevent jostling and damage.

  • Choose exact crate size for optimum packing efficiency.

  • Crates can be built with additional partitioned compartments for storing extra contents.

Large custom engineered shipping crate.
Heavy Duty
  • Exterior and interior parts use ACX industrial-grade 3/4" pine plywood.

  • All edges reinforced with 16ga galvanized steel braces.

  • Through-bolted hinges and durable locking hasps for sturdiness and security.

  • Crates sit on 16ga galvanized steel skids, ideal for storage, stacking, and forklift compatibility

Plywood shipping boxes.
Weather Resistant
  • Finished with a durable, water resistant elastomeric coating.

  • Specially designed lids prevent warping common with flat lid designs.

  • Natural uncoated crate interior helps prevent moisture build up during long term storage.

  • Internal perimeter joints sealed with molding to keep out water and add to structural integrity.

Strong durable reinforced steel edges.
Ideal for Transporting and Storing:
  • Machinery and tooling products.

  • Trade show props.

  • Sports equipment.

  • Concert gear.

  • Sensitive electronics.

  • Audio and lighting equipment.

  • Antiques and other delicate, high-value items.

  • Aerospace industry parts and tools.

  • Military and government items.

  • Medical and lab equipment.

  • Many, many more...

Compliant With Global Shipping Standards
  • All products meet WTO global standards.
  • Wood is heat treated to meet ISPM 15 standards.
  • Ship anywhere in the world.
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