Industry leading custom industrial shipping crate supplier

  • Engineered and manufactured in California

  • Lockable, reusable and weather-resistant

  • Designed around your product

  • Compliant with all international shipping standards

  • Ship anywhere in the world

For over 20 years Engineered Shipping Containers has supplied custom designed shipping crates to clients across North America. These plywood boxes are durable, reusable, and virtually indestructible. Each of our products is designed with CAD software based on specifications provided by our customers.

These boxes ship all over the world. They are perfect for long-term storage once they reach their destination, unlike cheaper one-time-use crates, which can help reduce your company's footprint and ecological impact.

Design and manufacture take place right here in Southern California. We take clients of all sizes: no order or product is too big or too small. Our sales department is happy to work with clients on special customizations including but not limited to foam lining, casters, different colored coating, stenciled markings, etc.

Our containers use 3/4" heat treated pine plywood for crate exterior and inside partition pieces. Edges and corners are reinforced with galvanized steel siding, and sit on galvanized steel skids. 7" box style lids are attached with through bolted hinges and lockable hasps. All boxes are coated with a weatherproof elastomeric coating.

Large stack of shipping crates
Cargo Partitioned & Secure
Galvanized Steel Reinforced Edges
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